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thirteen by James harden venue


Thirteen is an upscale, elevated dining restaurant offering an unmeasurable experience right in the heart of Midtown Houston, Tx. Founded by NBA Star, James Harden, Thirteen was a labor of love built on Harden's passion for excellent food and wine, while bringing something different and fresh to the city that you can't find anywhere else. 

I wanted to bring a culinary experience that mimicked some of the finest dining experiences that I've gathered from across the globe. In times of hardship, particularly during the pandemic when the city was reeling, it was our shared love for culinary exploration that offered a solace and connection to the people of this city. It's from this spirit of resilience and community that Thirteen emerged.  

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Our Mission is to serve our guest with a interactive elevated dining experience through exceptional service as well as our exclusive menu featuring the freshest and finest ingredients, playful plating, and a boutique wine list catered to our guest needs.



To execute high level service, immaculate food, thoughtful plating, innovative libations, and an unrivaled atmosphere and experience for every guest whom walks through our doors.


Chef Siddartha Cadena is an award-winning chef and culinary virtuoso whose journey from Texas to international acclaim has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the Executive Chef at Thirteen, Sidd, who prefers to be recognized without the formal chef title, is weaving together 22 years of culinary expertise and influences from across the globe to create an innovative and eclectic dining experience in the heart of Midtown Houston.

He spent the early part of his career apprenticing and working through out some of Europe’s most established kitchens. Before coming back stateside to go to culinary school. Once graduated he went back to Europe for 1 year , after which he relocated to Asia where he spent the next decade absorbing the culture and cuisine. His journey in Asia finished in Bangkok, where he spent time in one of the most recognized kitchens in the world with Gaggan Anand and his team.

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At Thirteen, we enforce a strict, upscale dress code. We do not allow overly revealing clothing, athletic apparel, jerseys, ball caps, bandanas, sleeveless shirts, or tank tops. Beachwear and gym attire including but not limited to sweatpants, hoodies, or pool slides are also prohibited in both the dining and lounge area.  
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